Colorado Heirloom Property Watercolor Map

Heirloom Property Watercolor Maps are some of my favorite projects to paint. Someone’s home is more than just a pile of rocks and mortar, and a bunch of trees in the ground. The mortar, the trees, the creeks, the animals that live around are deeply meaningful to not just the past generations, but also for the future ones. Homes are places of love.

This heirloom map I created for a special family in Colorado was such a joy to paint. The stunning property had so many beautiful features (the hand-crafted homes, the creeks, the lake!). My not-so-secret joy is always in the details. A tiny fox poking from behind a tree. A teepee tent that the kids love to play it. A basketball hoop that brings so much joy to the whole family. I adore capturing these moments with my paints.

The best part for me is that many of these projects are a secret gift for someone in the family, and I only wish I was a fly on the wall when that family member unwraps the paper!

Honestly, this Colorado Heirloom Property Watercolor Map was an absolute dream to work on! If you’d like to have your own property turned into a an heirloom map, email me at OR fill out the contact form on my website! To learn more about property maps and how the process works, please click HERE.

Xx Marketa

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