Heirloom Watercolor Property Maps

Home is where all the magic happens. It’s the center of our own universe, our families, our relationships. Over the years I had the honor to create dozens of large-scale paintings of a home (or a place that people love). My goal is to capture the essence of the property while zooming in on all the important details.


Given the personal nature of property maps, I prefer to visit the property myself to experience the space and to capture all the details. During a visit, I typically snap hundreds of photos and create a sketch that will guide the final painting. If a visit isn’t possible, or the property is small and easy to navigate, we can discuss an alternative option (like you sending me photos and a detailed blueprint). The timeline for the completion of the painting can range between 8 and 16 weeks, depending on the scale and my current schedule.

A watercolor property map is more than a painting for your walls, it becomes a family heirloom that captures a moment in time.

Most watercolor property maps are done on a larger scale, from 12″ X 16″ all the way to 40″ X 60″. They’re handpainted on a premium watercolor paper, and with proper framing behind glass, last for generations and generations to come.

A client writes:

I’m a Civil Engineer, so creative writing is not one of my strong skill sets. I’m hoping to convey how extremely excited our family is to hang up this unique treasure in such a prominent place in our newly completed lodge. Working with Marketa was a truly remarkable and rewarding experience. I give her so much credit for spending the time on site so she could experience firsthand what this place means and the work it took to create it. She literally immersed herself in it and captured the essence of everything down to the most minute detail.

I’d highly recommend her to anyone that has a unique piece of property that they want captured as a family heirloom. You will find it a very memorable and pleasant experience as you describe what it is you have and what it means to you. She’ll capture it. She has amazing talents.”

Jay Behnke

watercolor property mapsIf you’re interested in a property map, whether as a gift or for your own home, fill out the contact form on my website or email me directly at


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