Heirloom Montecito Property Watercolor Map

heirloom property maps

Heirloom Montecito Property Watercolor Map

Heirloom property maps are one of my favorite projects to work on! I mean, it doesn’t get better than creating something a family will cherish for generations to come! This painting was one of the biggest projects I worked on in the past year, and I enjoyed every minute of it.

It all started with a flight from one side of the country to another. Atlanta to LA, and then a lovely drive to the stunning Montecito (in the heart of Santa Barbara). The property took my breath away and I immediately grabbed my pencil and started running around and sketching.

heirloom property painting

Over the course of three days, I mapped the entirety of 15 acres, snapped hundreds of photos, and took a bunch of notes. I ate my lunches underneath a bougainvillea overlooking the succulent garden. I sharpened my pencil in the shade of the olive trees. I breathed it the citrusy air in the lemon garden. Not to mention, the town of Montecito is nestled in between the Pacific Ocean and mountains on the other side.

heirloom property map

heirloom property map

After returning home (thank you American Airlines for no delays!) I sat down to turn my sketches and the photos into a large-scale painting. Minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, this stunning Montecito map came to life!

Oh, and the best part? The entire project was kept secret the entire time, so when it was presented as a birthday gift, it was a REAL surprise. Yeah, that part made me extra giddy for sure.

heirloom watercolor property map

Honestly, this Heirloom Montecito Property Watercolor Map was an absolute dream to work on! If you’d like to have your own property turned into a an heirloom map, email me at OR fill out the contact form on my website! To learn more about property maps and how the process works, please click HERE.

Xx Marketa

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