Daya’s Learning Journey: Watercolor Children’s Book

Daya’s Journey of Learning is out!

I spent many months illustrating this lovely book, written by Canadian author Harkirat Shardra. Targeted at young girls of the Sikh religion, this story teaches young Sikh girls the importance of love, empathy and giving. It dives deep into the roots of the Sikh religion, explaining who gurus were and how they play a large role in today’s Sikh religion. Ultimately, however, this is a story about a little girl learning to be compassionate towards others, regardless of what and who they believe in!

The story is filled with a ton of soft, pastel-toned illustrations that bring the story to life. I really enjoyed crafting all the images that would go with the story!

I wish I could pick just one favorite detail from the book, but there are just too many that I love!

If you’d like to pick up a copy, you can find one here.

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