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You three have been blogging for a long time, so you have learnt a ton of stuff along the way. I am sure there are a a lot things I don’t know about yet, but a couple of specific issues I need help with are the following:

  1. How to connect with the right audience

I am active on social media, but I feel like I am missing the target demographic.

  1. How to utilize my social media better

I am not a social butterfly by nature, so my social media accounts and I have a bit of a love-hate relationship. I do understand that social media are my army- and I just want to learn how to equip them better (I am ready to load up the guns!)

  1. How to make a strong brand and keep it going

While working full time and keeping up with the everyday life!

       4. To believe in myself and my blog

I have struggled with that a bit, actually. The Internet is filled with amazing people who will support you and admire your work. But there are people full of negativity, who can bring you down. How do I foster the positive energy?

  1.  How to expand beyond my blog the right way

I love how each of you is doing something different and how you make your products an extension of your brand!

I actually have a few more questions for each of you! But more on that under “Personal” (click below):yellow post


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