memory box collageSONY DSCI was feeling particularly inspired the other day, so I have decided it to take out my watercolors and play a little. Watercolors are one of my favorite art medium (although you will see me say that about almost anything, so take this with a grain of salt). But at the moment, and perhaps because it’s spring, I just love the fluidity and richness of watercolor paints. My goal was to to spend a couple of hours doing something creative, but I also wanted it to be practical at the same time. I have been planning on organizing my old Christmas cards as well as some “important” papers I have laying around, so I thought this project would allow me to accomplish both. I also fished out this adorable dragonfly stamp for just a dollar at a local crafting store. Dragonflies are some of my favorite creatures (although you will see me say that about almost anything…you see where I am going with this? ).

So, this is how I made these, in case you love these so much you would like to make them yourself:

Here are the materials I used for my DIY memory boxes: memory boxes (recycle maniacs: feel free to use old shoe boxes. I didn’t have any on hand this time…but will save one from my next shoe shopping), watercolor paints, brush, water container, stamps & ink, charms & glue gun (optional, if you want add embellishments)

SONY DSCWatercolor is extremely easy to mix. The memory boxes had a waxy layer on them, so it was difficult at first for the watercolor to “stick” to it. If that happens to you, simply layer the paint. Keep the color rich and add plenty of water. Here are some other tips on how to achieve interesting textures:

– once you lay paint out, drop some water in it. It will create amazing tonal shapes.

– use paper towel to dab in drying paint to achieve interesting textures

Note: Wait until the painted side dries completely, otherwise the paint will run when you move it. Once the paint dries, it will look something like this:

Memory Boxes step1I added some dragonfly stamps and glued a charm on the front of the box for extra piece of decor. Feel free to add your own touch!


I am so happy with the way they came out! My office is instantly brighter and more organized at the same time. Plus I had such a blast making them. I just named three reasons why everyone should do art or crafts. So, stay creative, everyone! Xoxo, Marketa

Photography: Bohemian Mint

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  • SharonMay 1, 2014 - 1:10 am

    These are so creative and pretty! I love the custom design – None of them are ever going to be exactly the same! Beautiful!ReplyCancel


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