printables coverLast week I posted a wine label printable for my project collaboration with Gina Cimmelli, and you guys loved it. (Thank you!) That really got me inspired to create more. So in my excitement, I created 3 original wine labels I would like to share! Each one is for a different occasion, so I hope you will find a use for these some day soon!

Happy Anniversary Printable

happy anniversary wine labelI used some Photoshop magic on this label to create the faded flower look. It’s peonies, by the way, which are probably the most romantic flowers. (Sorry, orchids). I wanted to create something that everyone can use. My parents are celebrating their 30th anniversary in August, and my husband and I are going on 7 this September. Are you celebrating your anniversary soon?

Print your wine label here: happy anniversary label

Life of the Party

life of the party wine labelWine=party. And I had a blast creating this one. I actually scanned my original watercolor sketch of flowers, which I adjusted in Photoshop. I am loving this quote, don’t you?

Print your wine label here: life of the party label.

The World Traveler

traveler labelThis label is my favorite! Again, this one was created by layering two images in Photoshop: a photograph of the ocean and my original watercolor sketch. I am a bit obsessed with maps (There is a giant one hanging on my wall behind my desk) and I love to travel, so I thought this one would make a perfect gift for someone who shares my passion!

Print your wine label here: the world traveler label.

What do you need to make your own wine bottle label? You will need printing labels, like the kind in the picture below. Additionally, scissors to cut the label and a wine bottle (or really anything you decide to label!)



wine labels doubleReady print yours yet? Enjoy them! Love, Marketa

P.S. These labels are my original work, and you are more than welcome to use them for your own purpose or as gifts. The labels should not be used for commercial purpose or to resell.

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