Custom Watercolor Property Map- Heirloom Map of Property in North Carolina

Nestled in the Smokey Mountains of North Carolina is a very beautiful property. With two houses, a barn, a fishing pond, and a number of trails, it’s the perfect spot for family reunions. I was lucky to be given the opportunity to create a watercolor property map of this beautiful place. Located less that 4 hours from my hometown, I was able to do a weekend visit and map out everything. I was absolutely blown away by the beauty of this place- the magnolias that grow all over this property really stole my heart. As I hiked the trails, drawing and photographing, I took a deep breath of the freshest mountain air. I found moss, and mushrooms and beautiful rocks, all of which found their way into the map!

When I create a watercolor property map, I really love being able to visit it and see everything in person. Not just to get a sense of the scale, layout and what everything looks like- there is a special essence tied to every single place that finds its way into each and every painting. For this map, it was the abundance of magnolias, the giant owl that nearly scared me in the woods, the campfires where people like to hang out.

I left with a detailed sketch and about a thousand photos and immediately set out to paint! The final watercolor property map is 22″ X 30″ with deckled edges….those deckled edges are my absolute favorite….they really make it look like a map from the good old days, don’t they?

If you are interested in having your own map created, you can fill out a form on my website OR email me directly at The map can be done in a variety of sizes, from 12″ X 16″ all the way to 40″ X 60″. I’m happy to chat with you about your wonderful property! To learn more about the process, you can also visit this section of my website:

Heirloom Watercolor Property Maps

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