Custom Watercolor Maps

Why are custom watercolor maps the perfect gift?

Let’s face it, many gifts that we give or receive are just…stuff. A custom piece of art is not- especially if it’s super personal and meaningful. And these creative watercolor maps are exactly that. They feature your favorite landmarks (think first date, first kiss, favorite date spot, or a recent travel memory) and they capture your fondest memories and life’s best moments in a really fun and whimsical way. Not to mention that they can be painted in any color scheme to match one’s home or personal style!

Who are these maps perfect for?


  • a wedding anniversary gift featuring the couple’s life together
  • to document someone’s travels and adventures
  • a custom map of someone’s favorite city & landmarks (city lovers!)
  • a custom map of someone’s favorite park or nature reserve (nature lovers!)


  • perfect for creative businesses to feature on their website or in print
  • ideal for wedding venues (brides and grooms love custom wedding maps!)


Custom watercolor maps range from $195- $395 depending on size, use and the level of detail. If you have a project in mind, please email me and I will be happy to send you a quote.


The turnaround depends on how detailed the project is, the scale, and the time of the year. Typically, a custom map can take anywhere from 3-8 weeks. I am always happy to accommodate your timeline as best as I can.

Do you want to work with me to create a one of a kind piece? I have created dozens of custom watercolor maps and I am up for anything, so don’t be shy with your ideas!

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    Custom Watercolor Maps