Custom Watercolor Love Map: Rebecca & Brian

custom watercolor map gift

This custom watercolor map was created as a wedding gift for a super lovely couple, Rebecca and Brian. With both of them born and still living in Florida, we knew what the focus of the custom watercolor map would be…you guest it- on all of their favorite spots in the Sunshine State.

We picked the most meaningful landmarks- their custom-built home, their wedding location, and their favorite places to visit. My personal favorites are the little images of their whole family, and the illustration of Brian proposing to Rebecca in front of their home.

I adore making these maps as wedding gifts, because unlike a toaster or a cutting board, this piece of art brings so much happiness into people’s hearts.

If you have anybody else getting married, celebrating an anniversary or a special milestone, a custom watercolor map might just be the perfect gift!


After we decide on a size, we discuss the different things that we could include on the map. I’m always happy to make recommendations here as well! The map goes through a sketching phase, where we lay everything out to see if we need to make any changes. Once the sketch is approved, the magic happens and all the landmarks come to life with my paints!


The question I get a lot: How long does it make to create the map? The answer is: it depends. For a smaller size map, the turnaround can just be a couple of weeks, while for the larger-size maps, several months. I do my best to work with each individual timeline to make sure that you get your map on time.


The map design fee starts at $195 for a 8″ X 10″, with larger sizes available at different price points. I am more than happy to recommend the perfect size for your budget and needs.

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