Watercolor Crystal Illustrations


watercolor crystal illustrations

I am really overdue to share one of my favorite projects from this year- a series of watercolor crystal illustrations created custom for Positive Life Haven. I already created a custom logo for Denise and her wonderful brand/shop, so I was beyond excited when she approached me to create a series of these watercolor crystals!

Positive Haven is a metaphysical boutique that sells crystals, stones and jewelry that will help you feel more connected with the energy of the Earth itself and your own inner self. They also do workshops and events for people, who are really interested in further instruction on the topic.

To be honest, I am still a novice when it comes to crystals- there is just so much to learn! But, these are some of the things I have learnt about crystals:

Crystal Quartz are the “Master Healer” Stones

They are translucent and clear, and help with bith emotional and physical pain.

Rose Quartz are “Relationship” Stones

Troubles in a relationship with your significant other/family/friend? Wear/hold a crystal quartz to achieve more emotional stability

Citrine is a “Merchant Stone”

This yellow crystal can help you with manifesting financial health and freedom!

Black Tourmaline is a “Protection Stone”

Awesome protective properties, shielding you and loved ones against negative vibes and harmful EMF frequencies

There is so much more to learn and discover, so if you are shopping for a gemstone, I suggest checking out Positive Life Haven. If you are looking for watercolor crystal illustrations for your home or business, feel free to shoot me an email at OR fill the form below:

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