Project highlight: Amelia Island Wedding Map

Amelia island wedding map

This Amelia Island wedding map was one of the last projects I did before my maternity leave. Jenn from J Mosley Photography had contacted me that she would like a cool custom watercolor wedding map for her wedding day. While most couples use their wedding maps as wedding invitation cards or guest bag inserts, Jenn wanted this map to be large (11″ X 14″) and to be displayed right there as part of the wedding decor. Her intention was to then hang the piece at her house as a little keepsake from her wedding day. I absolutely loved the idea of creating a larger scale custom art piece!

Amelia island wedding map

Amelia Island is a really neat part of Florida, known for its beautiful beaches, fun bars, and laid back vibe. Jenn picked her favorite landmarks and locations in the area- from their ceremony and reception site, all the way to the spots where her and her fiancée first met, first kissed and got engaged.

What I love most about creating these maps is that they are super personal and meaningful. Let’s face it- there is a lot of surface stuff with weddings. Pretty things. And while I love pretty things, I am not a fan of buying stuff for the sake of buying stuff. And that’s why I love creating wedding maps- they go deeper than that. They capture little moments and memories in a really fun and whimsical way. They are not a just a piece of pretty paper- they are the piece of art that you display at your home. They make you smile. They stick around.

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