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A few years ago, I fell head over heels with blogging. I mean, it was a ROCKY start. Intimidated by the computer lingo and with limited computer skills, I launched my very first WordPress-hosted blog. Those were the times when I thought that plug-in was a thing that you physically plugged in into a computer. Yeah, that’s right. I already said it was a rocky start. But it was all an adventure that led to self-discovery. Earlier this year, I decided to trim all the fat and focus on just what I love- and that’s when Bohemian Mint was born. A blog filled with stories, introspective posts, watercolors and DIYs- my own creative world. I can see the very far future, and in my dreams it is filled with a book deal- but I know I need to conquer a few hills before I can get on the top of that mountain. And believe me, I am ready to climb!

Now, attending a Blogcademy workshop would make this climb not just easier, but also much more fun. And since you guys are kind enough to share your wisdom, I am happy to share some of my “know-how” as well.

 In any case, click on which one would you rather know:

things you can teach methings I can teach you











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