mint green postNow, how does one end up in front of a computer writing a blog called Bohemian Mint? Well, the story actually goes way back to 1985. That’s the year when I was born, although it doesn’t really matter much when I was born, but where. It was in Bohemia, in the heart of Czechoslovakia. Leaving my country 21 years later was bittersweet, and I will always and forever be Bohemian. Through my stories, I reach to my roots and keep that beautiful connection with my homeland.

You probably now wonder: OK, but where does “mint” come from? Mint is a plant my mom grew in her little garden and used to make delicious tea with. Mint is my favorite herb, my favorite sent, my favorite flavor. It spells my homeland, my family, me.

Together, the words create a name that is meaningful to me- honest, whimsical, and heartwarming. I want nothing more than to share whimsy, honesty, wit and creativity, but I feel like I need help to bring my world to others. I know you three can arm me with the tools to do it. I am talking more about that in the next part of the story: “Happy”  (click below)

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