Nashville Wedding Map

nashville wedding map

Nashville Wedding Map

This Nashville wedding map highlights the couple’s wedding locations as well as some of their favorite landmarks!

A custom wedding map is a perfect way to say NO to a boring wedding and saying a BIG YES to a wedding (or any event, really), that is fun, creative, and full of personality.

My watercolor wedding maps are just the perfect way to personalize your wedding with a unique and artistic touch. In a wedding map, you can feature the location of your wedding, the wedding ceremony venue, the reception venue, local landmarks, or your favorite spots (think first kiss, where s/he proposed, your first date, etc. Time to get creative with picking your spots!)

This Nashville wedding map is an example of what I can create for you. All custom wedding maps that I create are handpainted with watercolors and a lot of love (P.S. You really need both to make any piece of art amazing!)

Wedding maps can be displayed in a variety of ways- as an insert with your wedding invitations (typically a 6″ X 4″ or 5″ X 7″) or inside guest welcome bags (typically 5.5″ X 8.5″). You can even have a larger copy made and display it at your wedding or at your home!


The map design fee starts at $275 (+ printing costs if you want these printed). It comes with UNLIMITED artwork & number of locations, although I find that anywhere between 5-10 landmarks is perfect.

After the design is finished, I will email you a print-ready .pdf and .jpg files and you can send them directly to your local printer or have them printed online (I will be happy to recommend the best place!) OR I can take care of the printing for you and ship you the final product.



Homework? Don’t fret, this is not the good ole’ school days- please don’t make me do it- homework. This is actually FUN. I promise. Plus, after we decide to work together, I will email you a handy PDF file that explains everything that I will need on your end- from the locations, landmarks, color palette etc. It will feel like we are designing the piece TOGETHER, which is part of the fun.


My homework is fun, too! Before I sit down with my shiny new painting palette and more brushes than you’d find at Hobby Lobby, I will create a simple pencil sketch to share with you- just to make sure that all the locations and landmarks are placed correctly.

Once the sketch is done and approved, we move onto color!


Depending on my current workload, a typical turnaround can take between 2-4 weeks. (Allow extra time for printing and shipping if you choose to go with that route)


Getting married can be overwhelming, so I go the extra mile to make the process fun and exciting. I make it my priority to reply to EVERY. SINGLE. QUESTION within 24 business hours, so don’t be shy! I absolutely LOVE what I do, and I want you to have a wonderful experience working with me!

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