How to make lace earrings full tutorialHello bohemians! It has been getting chilly up here on Long Island and I am trying to cheer myself up with some happy crafting. These pink dyed lace earrings certainly hit the spot! Plus, they are super fast and easy to make, which is kind of a must in most of my projects. To be honest, I so want to make something big and advanced, but I am always pressed for time. I have been busy working on a big project, which I will be revealing soon (sometime in December), which involves- yes, a set of cool illustrated products (happy dance!) – and I just cannot wait to share it all with you. {I am sharing bits and pieces over on my Instagram, so stop by and connect!) In the meantime, here is a tutorial on how I made these lovely lace earrings:

how to make lace earrings full DIYWhat you will need:

2 pieces of lace (just cut your old tablecloth or whatever you have on hand). I cut these two flowers from an old lace napkin.

Elmer’s white glue (alternatively, fabric stiffener for all you fancy crafters)

Dye (I used Rit rose pink liquid dye)

Glue gun or Krazy glue

Small container, a paint brush and a paper towel

Jewelry tools

Ear hooks, 2 beads, and 2 jump rings

how to make lace earrings full tutorialMix about a cup of water with 1/4 cup of white glue. Add dye (the more you add, the darker the stain) Start pouring and see what you like. Note: the lace will dry several shades lighter than the original mixture, so if you want your earrings pink, I advise to make your mixture pretty dark (see image above).

how to make lace earrings full tutorialGive your lace pieces a good bath, approx. 5-10 minutes. The glue will act like a fabric stiffener, but note- when you take the lace out, it will still be soft. It will harden as it dries up, so don’t worry! It will happen. Lay flat on a piece of paper towel and make sure that the color looks even.

how to make lace earrings tutorialOnce dry, just glue a bead (I used a pearl) in the middle to give the impression of a flower. Add a jump ring and an ear hook using your jewelry tools. No fancy stuff going on here: just opening and closing the ring.

how to make lace earrings tutorialAnd that’s it! Pretty simple, huh? I love how mine turned out! Oh, in the picture below, you can see the earrings shown here as well as another pair I made with much richer dye. I am telling you: these are addicting!

how to make lace earrings DIY

DIY-lace-dyed-earrings tutorialXx, Marketa

P.S. I have been on a total earring spree over the past few months! I made these really cool succulent earrings, bohemian feather earrings, clay ombre earrings, simple chocolate covered strawberries, and guess what- I have another feather earring inspiration coming up for you guys! I guess I am addicted to earrings. And it takes having a blog to find out!

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