DIY Pink Ombre Earring TutorialI don’t think that I need to hide the fact that I love watercolors. So it’s not surprising that I am always looking for more ideas on how to include them into whatever I am creating. After my success with these succulent earrings, I wanted to create another version of clay jewelry. And believe or not, these DIY clay ombre earrings are so much easier to make than you might think! As I work in the wedding industry (more on that soon), I have been eyeing the ombre trend for a while. So I decided to finally board that train. Glad that I did!

To make your own pair of clay ombre earrings, you won’t need much:

self-hardening clay

2 eye pins

2 ear hooks

watercolor paints (or acrylic if you choose to) Note: do not use oil paints, as they take hours (if not days) to dry completely.

DIY clay ombre earrings tutorialSculpt into long rectangles. Or ovals. Whatever shape you fancy, really.

Simple clay earrings DIYInsert the eye pin while the clay is still soft.

Make simple clay earringsPaint your earrings while the clay is still soft- that way the clay will absorb the paint for a richer color. To achieve the ombre effect, just go color heavy on the bottom and add more water as you go up. I actually ended up adding more saturated paint to the very bottom once the earrings were dry and it worked out great.

Watercolor painted clay earrings DIYOnce dry, attach ear hooks and wear! Simple, huh?

DIY clay ombre earrings

Clay ombre earrings tutorialWhat do you think about this ombre trend? Love it or leave it? Xx, Marketa

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  • L13December 20, 2015 - 6:03 pm

    Wow! So simple yet so beautiful!ReplyCancel


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