message to shaunaDear Shauna,

I was really inspired by one of the quotes you recently posted: “It’s just a matter of letting go and seeing what happens.” I often make the mistake of comparing myself and my achievements to someone, who is steps ahead of me. It gets crippling but what you said sounds really liberating to me, and I like that. So I am just going with the flow: working, blogging, living.

I love reading your business advice and I am really interested in what you have to say about branding a blog. There are a few things I currently struggle with- for example, I am using a blog theme, which can be limiting. Also, it worries me that it may label me as a not-so-serious blogger, since all blogs I follow seem to have serious uplifts. I do have a “brand” in my mind that I would like to achieve but I am not sure if that’s happening yet.  So this and probably a ton of questions like that! 🙂

Love, Marketa

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