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Dear Kat,

I am really enjoying your IG account! I am a big animal lover, so I especially adore pictures of your cats. Half of my own IG account are pictures of my dog (I just can’t help it, lol). I find your business advice spot-on, and I have a ton of questions stored for you about blogging as a business platform. You see, my blog is best described as personal: filled with stories accompanied by watercolor sketches and introspective posts. Occasionally, I share a DIY tutorial, but mostly it’s just narrative and visuals. Is there a potential for growth, or is the theme just too personal? I have ideas and plans, but I feel that I need both advice and encouragement to just keep going and growing!

Love, Marketa

P.S More pictures of furry kitties please!

P.P.S My first summer job abroad was in England. I worked as a housekeeper and a dog-sitter and despite the hard work I loved every single minute (especially the minutes I was OFF). Xx

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