message to galaDear Gala,

You were the first “big blogger” ever to follow me on Twitter. You see, I always thought that the blogging world is kind of divided into separate spheres. You have the ocean sphere, the sound, the pond and an aquarium (that’s where I currently reside), and that big fish hang out together, while the little guys just hang out by themselves somewhere in their little world. So when you followed me back, I was really (very pleasantly) surprised. I thought to myself…well, maybe my theory is wrong? (Or maybe Gala is just really cool, lol). Once that happened, I though to myself: Well, should I just tweet @galadarling thanks for following? Or send a DM? Or is it simply annoying to receive these kind of tweets? I tend to overthink EVERYTHING and also I would simply hate being labeled as “annoying”. But these are the kind of questions I would love to ask you: about the etiquette of social media. That, and probably fifty million other things!

Love, Marketa

P.S Oh, and thanks for the follow! 🙂

P.P.S Fellow dog lover here!

The next stop on this tale is “Serious” (click below):

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