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Even though I have been super busy lately- writing, painting, designing, and mentally preparing for my 2-week vacation in September, I always find pockets of time (ok, chunks) when I peak on Pinterest to discover some really neat wedding decor ideas and pin them to my (not so secretly) favorite board. I admit, I went a little overboard the other day and came across so many neat ideas that I couldn’t help myself to stop, close my Pinterest, and actually go to sleep. As a result, I was really cranky the following night (sorry, husband) but I figured I might as well make the sleepless night worth it by sharing my findings with you guys! So, here are some of the most creative boho (of course) wedding ideas I simple adore:

Dreamcatchers Because anything in a form of a dreamcatcher is simple amazing. Coincidentally, I have been eyeing these beauties for a while!

unique boho wedding decor ideas-dream catchers

Images: Left: Awake Photography // Right: Megan Chase Photography

Feathers Grey, colored, large, small…in centerpieces, in accessories, in decor…

unique boho wedding decor ideas-feather wedding decor

Images: Left: Soul Makes // Right: HK Photography

Citrus chandeliers I look at these and wonder: Can you actually eat these after the wedding? I mean, you don’t want to waste a good orange, do you?

unique boho wedding decor ideas-citrus chandeliers

Images: Stacy Able Photography

Pineapple decor Again, it’s a decor and a treat in one!

unique boho wedding decor ideas-pineapple

Images: Left: GK Photography // Right: Photography: Anna Dolores Photography

Hanging planters Suspended flowers? Yes, please!

unique boho wedding decor ideas-hanging planters

Images: Left: Jasmine Star Photography // Right: Rebekah J. Murray Photography

Hanging parasols Bonus point for this: if it’s start to rain, just cut the strings. Beautiful and practical at the same time…what’s not to love?

unique boho wedding decor ideas-hanging parasoles

Images: Left: Mercedes Morgan Photography // Right: BG Productions

Looking back at my list of favorites, I notice that I am a rather huge fan of hanging things. On the other hand, I hate flying or rock climbing, which is making me think: Perhaps I like to look at things in the air rather than actually being in the air myself. (Does this count as a deep philosophical discovery?) Interestingly, I also love decor that is both a visual decoration AND a refreshing treat at the same time…that doesn’t really surprise me considering I snack about 10 times a day…

Anyway, just thought that you would love these ideas for your own incredibly fabulous boho wedding! Ok, now I am off to bed (shortly after I pin some images and eat a snack).



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