Bottle Cap Artwork (resin casting)SONY DSCHi! One of my favorite things is to transform random projects into works of art. This time, I created artwork using metal bottle caps and epoxy resin. It took me a couple of months to collect the 100 bottle caps (I would like to take a moment to thank my husband for helping me “collect” the beer bottle caps :-). As a side note, he very much enjoyed this task!) Today, I am sharing a tutorial on how to make your own bottle cap artwork. So, here we go!

SONY DSCMaterials

General: wood board, metal bottle caps, glue gun, resin (I used EasyCast Epoxy), mixing cups & mixing sticks, measuring spoons, toothpicks, resin dye, fabric flowers, spray paint, paper towels (it can get messy!)

For staining: stain, sandpaper, dust mask, brush, rag, gloves

On Staining: I love buying untreated wood and staining it.  Alternatively, you may paint the wood with latex or acrylic paint, or just leave it the way it is. Your choice!

metal bottle cap artwork step2SONY DSCLet dry completely. This might take a couple of hours. While you are waiting, move on to working on bottle caps. Spray paint both the inside and the outside of the bottle caps. Set aside to dry.

SONY DSCHot glue is the best adhesive to attach bottle caps to the wooden surface. Just a dab on the back should do it.

SONY DSCI added fabric and plastic flowers to some of them to spice it up a bit. I don’t recommend using real plants unless you are very experienced with casting. It will look pretty for a while, but the plants will turn brown over time.

SONY DSCNow it’s time to start preparing your resin. To learn more about the process, check out Resin Casting 101.

resin casting doubleSONY DSCPour resin in the caps. I recommend filling it in to about 3/4 (think baking cupcakes!). I worked in batches, doing 6-10 at a time. Resin starts curing right away, so you will have about 10-15 minutes to add dye and play with swirls before the resin is too dry to morph. My secret tip is using toothpicks and creating beautiful designs with it. Swirls are my favorite!

bottle cap artwork step 10 doubleSONY DSCHappy creating! Xoxo, Marketa

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  • JanaVanaJune 20, 2014 - 1:05 pm

    LOVE IT!:) maybe it could be nice to put a glass on it so you can actually use the board as a top of the table..?ReplyCancel

    • Bohemian GirlJune 20, 2014 - 5:55 pm

      That’s a neat idea! I will keep an eye open for a glass top! 🙂ReplyCancel


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