10 signs you are a boho brideAlthough I was born Bohemian, it took me a little while to become bohemian. I believe it was sometime in my first year of high school when I discovered long dangle earrings, crochet sweaters, and love for fresh flowers…everywhere. When I think of bohemian weddings, I immediately think of something totally relaxed, laid back and fun. I imagine beautiful nature and a flowy wedding gown. So if you bear any (or all!) of the following signs, I want to be your friend right away. I want to design invitations for you. I want to meet you. Here are the 10 signs you are a boho bride:

1. You watercolor it 

Playful, whimsical and totally fun- watercolor invitations are a staple of a boho bride!

watercolor wedding invitations-10 signs you are a boho bride

2. Music is king

You are a little worried that your wedding will resemble more of a music festival than anything else. You booked more bands than you can afford. Sigh. Just go for it!

3. DIY it

You find ingenious ways on how to turn old CDs into your wedding decor. You browse local vintage shops and garage sales, looking for the next bargain that you can spray paint with gold or purple.

4. You go (cake) naked

Because simple is the best. Covered with a ton of fresh flowers and delicious fruit, of course.

naked wedding cakes-10 signs you are a boho bride

5. Nature is the best venue

You love the idea of an open sky being your ceiling. Stars being the chandeliers. With trees being your walls. Perfection.

6. Flowers belong everywhere

On the cake, in your hair, on the dress, on tables, and growing all around you. There is never enough flowers.

7. Recycle it

Taking your mama’s dress and making it your own. Rocking a pair of vintage shoes and your grammy’s necklace. Because old things rock.

8. You worship Grace Loves Lace

Because there is nothing better than a long, flowy lace dress!

grace loves lace-10 signs you are a boho bride

9. Fun accessories

Dangle earrings, layers of wrist bracelets, ankle bracelets, and a stack of rings. You go to the max. Always.

10. Barefoot or heels…it’s all the same

Sorry sparkly Jimmy Choos. Comfy wedges, flats, or even no shoes work just as fine for me.

If you said yes to more than half of this list, you are a part of the boho clan. If you want to make your membership official, sign up for Bohemian Mint newsletter for more boho bride wedding planning tips, tricks, and special offers! Hope you have a lovely boho day!



Photography credits: Bohemian Mint // Anna Hardy // Deisy Photography //via Grace Loves Lace 

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  • TammiJuly 21, 2016 - 11:47 pm

    Love all the above! I am a hippie goddess mama?☮ReplyCancel


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